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Section 32 Voice of the child

€800.00 (additional charges may apply)

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The flat fee per parent is €800, which covers 2 adults and up to two children, additional children are rated at €300 each. If either or both parties have a Legal Aid Certificate which includes a provision for the payment of a Section 32 report, the fee is covered by the Certificate.

Where a parent is not covered by Legal Aid, payment can be made in full or in two instalments. The first payment is €400 per parent, and this is made prior to the first meeting with that parent. The second instalment is made prior to the meeting with child and parent. Any balance outstanding is paid prior to release of the report.

A court attendance fee of €500 is paid by the parent summoning us to court. This needs to be paid at the time of the summons prior to court attendance.

Additional Costs

Travel costs: The assessor allows a reasonable allowance of 100km per party is included in the costing however, where mileage is more than 100km a fee of 72.64 cent per KM is incurred. This is in line with public sector motoring expenses.

Subsistence rates in line with public sector rates may also be incurred.

Day Rates

·        5-10 hours €16.29

·       10 hours plus €39.08

Overnight Allowances may be necessary from time to time but are exceptional. 

A normal rate overnight allowance of €167 may be applicable where mileage rates would be more than same.

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